JL beginning work

11 Sep

1st meeting:

I came up with an idea to import fashion accessories from China to the U.S. However, there was a problem with product selection. I could not fly to China and looked for products. I also did not trust anyone to find products in China, because they may not know what products that I was looking for. So I was stuck in this stage and finding a solution.

2nd meeting:

I was talking about a current assignment about how to increase Target healthy image to its guests. I was still not finding the solution about product selection. Frustrating….

3rd meeting 9/11 :

I am thinking to find American products and sell it to China. Redefine the idea of e-commerce website. My goal for this week is to figure out what Chinese and Singaporean want for American products. See if there is a market to sell American products to Asia directly online. What kind of products do they prefer? and comfortable buy it from internet?


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